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This is my Altera FPGA-based Digital Oscilloscope project from EE52 at Caltech. It was done during my sophomore year. Unfortunately, since it was a while ago, I've lost the documentation (a familiar sentiment in my working days as well), so all I have is a non-working picture of it.
A Rigol oscilloscope has a USB output, allowing you to control it with a computer and and perform additional processing externally. I was inspired by Cibo Mahto's article Controlling a Rigol...
RE: diy oscilloscope 2009/06/12 16:44:08 -2 (1) If you are looking to make a hobbiest scope of something a magnitude better than 10KHz, I would recommend going to an off the shelf technology beyond microchip (though I would love to see mC pick this one up); Look at using an FPGA (something any E-hobbiest will likely enjoy), and just to keep the ...
Oscilloscope Art with the Xilinx Zynq FPGA (Zedboard) Watch the Zedboard drawing pictures on an analog oscilloscope while producing sounds.
The input of each T flip-flops is set to 1 to produce a toggle at each cycle of the clock input. For each two toggles of the first cell, a toggle is produced in the second cell, so its output is at half the frequency of the first. The output of the third cell is 1/8 the clock frequency. The same device is useful as a counter.
Experience in FPGA Implementation Tools ( XILINX, Verilog, Bluespec & Chisel). Good Experience in SoC development from requirements to complete build Experience in handling Lab equipment (Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Function Generators, JTAG, and In - circuit de - buggers).
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You can build a digital oscilloscope simply by hooking an ADC and an FPGA together. This particular design uses an 100MHz flash ADC, so we are building an 100MSPS (mega-samples-per-seconds) oscilloscope. This oscilloscope design is interesting because it shows how powerful and useful modern FPGAs can be.
This uses an upsampling filter to simulate a digital-analogue converter between the computer and the oscilloscope. It turns sharp corners in the signal into curves, loops or ringing artefacts.
Recently widely used digital oscilloscopes based on personal computers. This oscilloscope consists of a specialized signal acquisition board which can be an external USB port device respect to computer. The user interface and signal processing
Typical FPGA based USB / PC oscilloscope block diagram. Data is passed through the analogue conditioning so that any attenuation, gain, and impedance matching etc, can be provided. The resulting waveform is then passed to the analogue to digital converter.
DSO203(DS203) is a pocket size 4 channels digital storage Oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. Only $154.99 with free express shipping and one-year quality warranty at SainSmart. DESCRIPTION DSO203 is based on ARM cortex M3 (STM32F103VCT6) 32 bits platform, providing 72MS/s sampling rate with integrated FPGA and high-speed ADC.
Since oscilloscopes are PC-based, you have the advantage of being able to define your instrument When choosing an oscilloscope there are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting the...
Arduino - Poor Man's Oscilloscope. Today I'll talk about a really good project you can do with your Arduino! This is the best way you can have a cheap oscilloscope around...
Product Reviews. iPad-oscilloscope-.JPG.
Imm2020PPPL_Plasma_Probes. Imm2020Reed_SpatialLightModulator. Imm2020Reed_DopantDensity
Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Digital Pattern Generator. Open source. Software, firmware and hardware sources are available for free. All under open source license. Cross Platform. Software runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Specifications. 2 analog oscilloscope channels (10-bit)
Oscilloscope As A Measurement Tool. Introduction To Oscilloscope ("osc.") The osc. is a graph displaying device that display the electrical signal based on the input to its probes. It shows in real time how signals change over time. Usually the Y axis represents the voltage and the X axis time.
Xilinx's FPGA Spartan-II XC2S100, plus FPGA boot-PROM. PCI bus (32 bits/32MHz) with target mode reference design. USB interface to the FPGA (about 1MBytes/s max sustained)...
Design, Documentation, Schematic, Board, Code files for the FPGA Oscilloscope project using an Altera Cyclone III FPGA.
Description. The Rigol DS2202E is a high quality two channel digital storage oscilloscope. It offers a real-time sample rate of up to 1 GSa/s (per channel) and a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz with 28 Mpts memory depth (per Channel).
digital oscilloscope embedded in a FPGA. In order to facilitate their control, an innovative architecture is defined according to the IEEE1451.0 Std., which is typically used to develop the denominated smart transducers. Keywords: Embedded instrumentation, FPGA, IEEE1451.0 Std., Oscilloscope. 1. Introduction
With respect to the current technology, they were bulky, expensive, and consumed a great amount power. The digital revolution changed all that. The design of a digital oscilloscope is centered around an analog to digital converter. Once the signal is digitized, it is processed by an FPGA or a microprocessor before being displayed.
Sometimes an oscilloscope is a must. I can't live without one. Since you want to develop with FPGA I don't think you find a logic analyzer very useful. There are very good Internal Logic Analyzers for FPGA. I mostly use this internal logic analyzer from FPGA Cores. This require that you have your board connected to a network.
Oct 06, 2014 · Hello, I am currently constructing a numerically controlled oscillator or DDS out of the Xilinx Nexys 4 FPGA. I was wondering what is the maximum bit rate output of the board would be so that I can purchase an oscilloscope to match that.
It’s an open-source oscilloscope running at 250Msps with 60MHz of bandwidth, in the form factor of a cable; imagine you cut the BNC end off of an oscilloscope probe, and replaced it with a USB port: that’s the Probe-Scope.
Compared to DSO138, the new DSO Shell has similar bandwidth with significant improvements in structure, mechanical, and operation. The sensitivity has been extended: 5mV/div – 20V/div (DSO138: 10mV/div – 5V/div). Display and MCU are now mounted on the same mainboard to avoid inter-board pin-headers. For better separation between analog and digital circuits, the analog channel is on ...
FPGA For instruments with high throughput or high channel count, we use FPGA technology. With FPGA, you can perform high-speed signal processing, I/O synchronization and custom triggering. For control systems, you can also run advanced control algorithms directly in the FPGA fabric to minimize latency and maximize loop rates.
The SPARTAN-2 FPGA development board is programmed with load bit file through JTAG [4]. The digital information provided to the DAC must represent the instantaneous amplitude of the RF waveform. NCO Hardware test set up was made as Shown in fig 7 and output was observed on spectrum analyser as well as oscilloscope.
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Xilinx's FPGA Spartan-II XC2S100, plus FPGA boot-PROM. PCI bus (32 bits/32MHz) with target mode reference design. USB interface to the FPGA (about 1MBytes/s max sustained)...
Feb 11, 2014 · In processing system of digital 3D oscilloscope, calculation of formula (1) can be accomplished in a digital signal processor (DSP) or in a field programmable gate array (FPGA). Since computing speed of a DSP is far slower than that of a FPGA, calculation of formula (1) is generally chosen to be performed in a FPGA.
Mar 03, 2011 · Overflow output The bit growth of the FFT core in full precision mode is NFFT+1 where NFFT is log2(FFT size). For example, for a 256 point FFT, the bit growth is 9 bits. When the scaled output is used, the output has the same width as the input samples, so theoretically the scaling schedule needs to scale back the full bit growth to avoid the over
This example gives a basic overview of how one could use an FPGA in an embedded project. It uses the FPGA to sample an input and measure a voltage or similar, the way an oscilloscope would. The resulting ADC data is then sent over a serial link to a C++/Qt-based application, which displays the data.
This paper introduces a designing method for embedded digital oscilloscope based on ARM9 and the FPGA.Its hardware adopts ARM9 and FPGA structure,which takes full advantages of S3C2410A microcontroller's(ARM920T core) high speed processing ability as well as of FPGA's control logic and high speed data exchange to realize the 4-channel data synchronizations.The software uses the μC/OS-II ...
I want to design a little oscilloscope that is able to analyze signals up to 1 MHz using a Xilinx FPGA. I want use the VGA interface in order to display the signals. Is it possible obtain a good re...

An oscilloscope (sometimes abbreviated CRO, for cathode ray oscilloscope, or commonly just scope or O-scope) is a piece of electronic equipment that lets you see changes in signal voltage. For example, if you want to see the signal a small electronic timer was producing...Two-channel oscilloscopes switch through high-frequency signal switches to implement a dual-channel single-trace oscilloscope. The ASF two-color light corresponds to indicate the current analog channel number, green is the first analog channel, red is the second channel, and corresponds to software, which is convenient to use. To verify that data from the FPGA digital domain is successfully sent to the DAC analog domain, the FPGA is configured to generate a sine wave. An oscilloscope is used to observe the waveform at the DAC analog channels. Items tagged with Oscilloscope and FPGA| Elektor | Elektor ... The instrument uses its own timing and memory, so there is no performance loss. So yes, the Pi is powerful enough for an oscilloscope project. Key specifications of the oscilloscope: 2 channels, 14 bit, 500 MS/s, 250 MHz bandwidth, 20 MS/s 14 bit continuous gap free streaming, 32 MS memory per channel, 1 ppm time base accuracy. High speed digitizers, low noise clocking, high speed signal chain and low noise power are critical elements of high performance oscilloscopes. Our integrated circuits and reference designs help you...

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The FPGA technology has been playing a considerable role in portable and mobile communication. This is due to the features of flexibility, accuracy and configurability in designing and implementation. Both oscilloscope channels are protected for overvoltage up to +/- 50 V. The FPGA samples at 100 The FPGA samples inputs at 100 MHz. The output voltage can be set, but inputs are 5 V tolerant.

Introduction Red Pitaya is a Zynq7 FPGA-based low cost electronic board with many components such as two core ARM processor, fast ADCs, fast DACs, USB, LAN, etc. In many aspects Red Pitaya is similar to the Arduino or Rasbery Pi with a large community of enthusiasts and increasing collection of open-source material. Both oscilloscope channels are protected for overvoltage up to +/- 50 V. The FPGA samples at 100 The FPGA samples inputs at 100 MHz. The output voltage can be set, but inputs are 5 V tolerant.Jan 29, 2020 · Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are digital ICs (Integrated Circuits) that enable the hardware design engineer to program a customized Digital Logic as per his/her requirements. The guys from fpga4fun have this interesting recipe for a simple digital oscilloscope which is made with the following parts: 1 x Pluto FPGA board, with TXDI and cable (item#1121, $39.95) 1 x Flash acquisition board (item#1200, $29.95) 1 x BNC (item#1250, $4.95) 1 x Nylon standoffs (item#1270, $0.95) 1 x Male/female connectors 2×8 (item#1275, $2.95)

Tektronix 30GHz sampling oscilloscope for optical signals Tektronix has announced the 8 Series sampling platform, a modular instrument series boasting parallel acquisition, with up to 4 channels per mainframe and the highest measurement accuracy for PAM4 optical signals on multiple inputs simultaneously.

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